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Exercise – Antonyms

Vocabulary Expansion(Exercises)


e.g. day -
1. same -
2. late -
3. on -
4. occupied -
5. true -



e.g. Peter and Mary are Sam's parents, and Sam is Peter and Mary's
1. The bartender charged me $50 for a drink, and I him $50.
2. Tony is Paul's employer, and Paul is Tony's .
3. The recess came after the PE lesson, and the PE lesson came the recess.
4. I sold this iPod to Steve, and Steve this iPod from me.
5. Mr. Chau is my doctor, and I am his .


Gradable Antonyms

Gradable Antonyms
e.g. freezing/cold/chilly/warm/hot/burning, roasting (weather)
Multiple Incompatibles

Multiple Incompatibles

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