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Mnemonic strategies

Mnemonics strategies are also known as memory strategies. They involve relating words to prior knowledge by using imagery or grouping.

You can group words together in a sentence or a story to help you remember them. Suppose you would like to memorize four unfamiliar vocabulary items, including catastrophe, stroll, skyscraper and panorama, you may come up with a story like:

Living in Hong Kong is a catastrophe for green-lovers like me because the town is packed with skyscrapers everywhere. I feel uneasy living in this forest made of concrete. However, I manage to survive because I can have a stroll along the country paths near my home in the evening and enjoy the panorama of the city. The relaxing walk and the wonderful view of the city are absolutely refreshing!

It may not be easy to compose a sentence or story with words that hardly have any connection. However, that may result in a lot of fun if you accept the challenge!

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