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Word list

Word list

Study the word list below. When compare with the examples in ‘Word Knowledge’, what could be added to the wordlist?

University Life
Vocabulary Parts of speech Meanings
1. undergraduate n. 本科生
2. hostel n. 宿舍
3. faculty n. 學院
4. sexual harassment n. ph. 性騷擾
5. defer v. 延期畢業
6. orientation n. 迎新
7. plagarise v. 抄襲
8. academic adj. 學術的

Consider the following questions while composing your word list:
  • Do the items on the list have connection with each other (i.e. Topic)?
  • How do you pronounce the word? Where is the stress?
  • How shall these words be used?
  • Can the words be used in different parts of speech?
  • Do the words have any alternative meanings?
  • What are the possible collocations?
  • How can the word be memorized easily?
  • Are the words only used by some specialists?
  • Are the words used in contemporary English?
  • Is it polite /appropriate to use the word?
The answers to all the questions above should be available in a good dictionary.

Different learners may have different preferences for what to be included in their word list. Below is an example for young learners:

A learner’s word list (Scrivener, 2005)

Lexical itemPronunicationTranslationGrammarCollocationsExampleIdea
motorcycle/ˈməʊ.təˌsaɪ.kl̩/電單車nounride a ~,
get on my ~,
~ courier
She’s just bought a 600cc Suzuki motorcycle.
truck /trʌk/貨車noun~ driver,
garbage ~,
fire ~,
milk ~
The road was completely blocked by an overturned truck.

You can download a template of the table here.

The table above shows that information on word formation and memory tricks can be included in a word list.

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