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Keyword Method

Mnemonic strategies

Mnemonics strategies are also known as memory strategies. They involve relating words to prior knowledge by using imagery or grouping.
Keyword Method

Keyword method is used when learners relate the target word with their native language. For example, as tuxedo sounds similar to the words 踢死兔 in Cantonese, learners may visualize the word in such a way -

More examples as contributed by speakers of Putonghua/Mandarin:

  English words Meanings in Chinese Keywords in Chinese
1. ambulance 救護車 俺不能死
2. ponderous 肥胖的 胖的要死
3. pest 害蟲 拍死它
4. ambition 雄心 俺必勝
5. agony 痛苦 愛過你
6. hermit 隱士 何處覓他
7. strong 強壯 死壯
8. sting 死盯
9. flee 逃跑 飛離
10. morbid 病態 毛病
11. tantrum 脾氣發作 太蠢
12. bachelor 學士/單身漢 白吃了
13. temper 脾氣 太潑
14. addict 上癮 愛得嗑它
15. economy 經濟 依靠農民

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